The Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East
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Thank you for visiting our web site!  We welcome you to tour our web site using the tabs above and get to know our church.  We are open to all persons seeking salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  We hope this web site acquaints you not only with the apostolic background of our church but the church that we have become today.  Please visit our web site and our church often!

Welcome to the Mar Shimun Bar Sabbai Parish Web Site


Holy Liturgy is every Sunday at 10:00a.m.

  We are located at 3112 Lewis St. Flint, Michigan 48506.  Services are held in Aramaic, Assyrian and English with a Liturgy Book to follow along entirely in English.  All are welcome!

We are pleased to have you as a guest on our church web site.  We are an ancient, apostolic church founded by the disciple St. Thomas ("Doubting Thomas") who evangelized the Middle East and Asia reaching as far as India.  Our church traces its roots to around the year 35 AD.  We use one of the oldest known liturgies in the Christian world and include Aramaic, the language of Christ, in our Holy Liturgy along with Assyrian and English.

We welcome you to join us and experience our Holy Liturgy every Sunday.  Our church has an "open table", offering the Holy Communion to any baptized Christian who wants to partake in the Mystery of the Body and Blood of Our Savior.  We know that you will experience the Holy Spirit in the original way Christians have since the first century.



We look forward to seeing you!